Coaching Facilities

 The Club has two qualified coaches;

Terry Ashley - Level 2 coach             Terry Urben

Terry Ashley                                  Terry Urben

Both are proud members of the English Bowls Coaches Society (EBCS)

and both hold Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificates.

They are pleased to offer the following services.

1)     Taster sessions - For people who have never played bowls / not played for ages and would like to give it a go. We will schedule a free 1 hour taster session; all equipment provided and no obligation to join the club. Just an opportunity to learn the very basics and have fun on the green. Please call Terry Urben on 01903 700662 to arrange a session. Bookings for April 2020 being taken.

2)     New player tuition - For new members to the club who haven’t played before; or not played for several years. We provide a comprehensive programme of 4 x 90 minute sessions starting with how to hold a bowl and progressing to different formats of play, etiquette and basic knowledge of the laws. We can add extra sessions if needed. The tuition is designed to be informative but also very enjoyable. Most of the time is spent bowling and where possible experienced members come along to help with playing pairs or triples. An excellent way to meet new team-mates and make friends.

3)     Delivery clinic - No matter how much we play / practise little glitches creep into our game. The answer can be a delivery clinic. We will listen to your concerns and focus on what you want to address.

4)     Video coaching – Only with your agreement, we can video you bowling and use it to identify any problems / areas to work on. Recordings are deleted immediately at the end of each session.

5)     Marking & measuring – both of these topics are covered in the new player tuition, but both merit greater attention, so where numbers warrant we run a 1-off session for circa 10-12 people. Usually aimed at new players but all are welcome.”

Please see below some terrific videos covering different aspects of this fascinating sport.