Club Competition Results

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  2018 finals cups

  Marine Gardens Bowling Club Trophies

 SC Pres_inPixio

Ivan Godsmark

 Gill Ladies Singles 22    

Ladies Championship Singles 2022
Gill Vernau

Ivan Mens Singles 22 

Men's Championship Singles 2022
Ivan Godsmark

 Ivan and Jim Champ/Pairs 22

Men's Championship Pairs 2022
Ivan Godsmark & Jim Gray

Angela and Tilly Ladies Pairs 22 

Ladies Championship Pairs 2022 
 Tilly Hennings & Angela Neale

ivan hcap singles 2018  

Handicap Singles 2022
Ivan Godsmark

 Mark 100-Up 22

100 Up 2022
Mark Berriman

 Mark and Graham HCap Pairs 22

 Handicap Pairs 2022
Mark Berriman & Graham Ray

Terry Stan Wheeler 22 

Stan Wheeler Cup 2022
Terry Ashley

Pamela and Ivan Mixed Pairs 22  

Mixed Pairs 2022
Pamela Chambers & Ivan Godsmark

Ivan 2 Wood Singles 22 

Two Wood Singles 2022
Ivan Godsmark

 ivan hcap singles 2018

Veterans Singles 2022
Ivan Godsmark

Mark Junior Cup 22  

Junior Cup 2022
Mark Berriman

TLW Jill[42517] 

Triples League - Winners - 2022
Jill Colbourn (Captain) 
Jennie Power, Tim Baldwin, Gerry Perch
David Hughes,  Keith White, Allan Crosskey.